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Many places are known to have cat (and dog) over population problems.
or I should say, a human problem with letting their cats roam free, without being spayed or neutered. And even inhumane problems of setting "free" unwanted cats or kittens, to fend for themselves in the wild.
These cats breed, and their offspring breed, starting a cataclysmic event of house cats trying to survive in the wild.
Domesticated cats are just that. They were domesticated so they could live WITH people! They are not physically or mentally prepared to live on their own in the woods, or fields, but try to adapt when forced into it.
Most of these cats will not survive for long. Yet the majority that does has to contend with finding their own food and often starving. These cats are also more prone to diseases, fleas, lice, parasites, injuries and other problems , such as harassment and torture by terrible kids and dogs.
It is not their fault they were born into an un loving family, or without one. Yet they deserve a chance at a good life as any living breathing creature does.

When we moved into our current office
we noticed several cats in the area. We put food and water out for them and talked with another worker nearby, John, a great guy, already trying to help the cats on his own. The expense, dedication and time necessary for dealing with a lot of animals can be a struggle so he was very happy to see someone else wanting and willing to help with these cats.
John had talked previously to someone with the Feline Foundation. They are a non profit TNR group that works through donations to get discounted surgeries for feral cats, trying to end this sad cycle of so many unwanted house cats being born, suffering and struggling to survive. We signed on with them and are now are the designated caretakers of a TNR colony.

TNR is a term that means Trap, neuter, return or release... We trap the cats, get them fixed and tested to make sure they don't have feline leukemia or aids, which are highly contagious. Then return them to where we found them. We make sure they have enough food and water, give them medications, flea treatments or whatever they need to hopefully remain as disease free and injury free as possible for the rest of their lives. The vets clip the cats ears and give them a number tattoo in their ear, so one can easily identify the cats that have been spayed or neutered before.

There are thousands of designated colonies. Some have only a few cats while others have a couple hundred!

We have around 40, 50, 65 known cats (2008) (regulars) in our colony, and a few new faces... We are on top of getting them all fixed, thus haven't seen a new batch of kittens in almost a year!!! A very big accomplishment!

We know of 4 Toms that are very hard to catch... Sir Ocelot, who is the Alpha of the area. He is a beautiful gray Tabby with a huge head and ears that show lots of battle scars.
Sir Ocelot

The other Toms are all missing..... One is an orange guy (Tabletop) He was there all the time and got his name 'cause he would come into the office and make himself at home on top of our desk! He was a sweetie, but he disappeared and we assumed the worst... but about 6 moths later he just walked in again! Talk about a wonderful surprise!
But then he disappeared again... and then showed up again a few months later... We thought he must have found another home somewhere where he is getting plenty of food and love, so that is a good thing... But we do miss him and
as of March 2008 we haven't seen him in probably a year... We miss him...
We also had a new young male show up a in summer of 2007, (along with Pumpkin) who was not fixed... He hung around for several months but then just dissappeared... He was a sweetheart... We hope he is ok...
The other male was a big guy orange and white guy who we rarely see... And now it's been months...
Sister Oscar is missing too... He (we thought he was a she) was very shy, and I was pretty much the only one he trusted.... It is very hard making great friends then they just disappear... You don't know if they are ok... or the worst...

a cat (Pumpkin) just walked on my keyboard... Guess he wanted to say something...

Right now we go through 1 big bag of cat food a day! And a couple times a week they get canned food...

It's a good thing we don't have kids or we would have had to sell them off just to pay for food for the cats!

Some TNR colony cats get adopted, but the majority will live their lives outside.
We really enjoy our colony cats. They are our second family and make going to work a lot nicer! But it is stressful too... having them outside, near roads, and other businesses and people who don't respect animals... We always worry, and wish we could find some land somewhere to bring them all where they would all be safe... Maybe if someone wins the lottery they can send some to the cats.. : )

I once heard that feral cats will always be wild and not as friendly as house cats. That is a joke! Most of these cats were born under sheds, in parking lots, with no human contact at all. While some of these cats are still very shy, most of them run straight up to us and several of the cats come into the office, and make themselves at home, wanting to play, and jump on our laps as soon as we sit down... They are some of the friendliest most loving cats I have ever seen!
Some of the cats cats believe that petting them is why we are there...
Perhaps that is true....

If you can,

please donate to some group!
look for similar organizations in your area and help however you can.
Nothing should go hungry or be forced to suffer particularly due to human negligence and abuse.


Arriving at work....
The welcoming Committee.
Everyone should be so loved.....

mama manini

baby girl

bully boy







white foot



PB aka Precious' Boyfriend


blackie boy


missy short tail

bootie boots


back spaz twin



gray boy septmus


back Lippy


back Foxey

back orange white BIBS

back baby girl2

back orange fluff

back bunny

back blue eyes

back orange white

Zeebers boseebus

back orange white2

back orangewhite2

back funny face

sister twin


radcliff midget






Back Mama GW whitefoot


Adopted from our colony

orangie 1



Missing from our Colony

Back Blackie Panther

Big Blackie
Missing fall 2009

Table top
Table Top

Front MIA
Sox boy

Duck Duck missing

Cougar missing 08

Whitie.. Died

sir ocelot
Sir Ocelot ..Died

Back Old unfixed
Orange white male

We have had four deaths to deal with so far, since we joined on with John, which is always sad. One was hit by a car, one was a tiny kitten that was sick and was away from it's mom when we found it... We tried to help it, and it literally died in the arms of Terri, of the feline Foundation, as she was trying to warm it and feed it. Another death was a young one with a distended rectum, and the latest was one of the old timers here, Whitie...
He was a sweetheart who loved laying on the chair outside our office door. He had been spending most of his last couple weeks at a neighbors business, there were fewer cats over there so he probably wanted more solitude. Someone found him curled up in a box, sleeping forever.....

Besides feeding the cats everyday, and making sure they have lots of water...we are constantly dealing with some on going problems that come with cats living outdoors.
An upper respiratory illness went through the colony that is very contagious.
It would have been best to isolate the first cat we saw with it but were unable, thus almost all of our cats got it...... We gave all the cats some lysine in canned food to to combat the illness. UPI can have grave effects on the very young and very old or sick, but our colony is very healthy so they pulled through it just fine..... as far as we could tell.
We have had some eye problems to deal with. And have one cat (Bunny) who seems to have glaucoma or something similar which we are keeping our eyes on. Another cat (Sister) has a skin problem which comes and goes... Bootie has a couple of cysts on his face which we are dealing with too... Antibiotics, warm compress...
Plus lots of fleas.....
But with all the love we get back, and knowing we are doing our best to help a sad situation it is definitely worth it...

Nani Blue Eyes, Cougar, and Fluffy.
These 3 and Blackie are Precious' kids...
The 3 white ones, Buddy, Stubby, and the shy White one,
plus Gray Boy Septimus are Puas kids.


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