Our Family
Our story...

Steve was the first.

A feral/stray who we left food and water outside for starting in 2003. We couldn't even touch him for weeks,
but now he loves attention and is a full time indoor cat.

Blackie. was another wild feral cat we took care of.

She was very wild and preferred the wilderness to our home, most of the time.
She loved corn on the cob and both she and steve would eat a whole bowl of popcorn each!
She became pregnant before we got her fixed and she made her birthing room in our closet!

Out popped Munchie Boy and Munchie Girl!
(Thank goodness she only had two kittens!)
Blackie was a great mom,

Steve wasn't crazy about having to share his house with more fur balls, but he endured...

Blackie actually let the kittens feed for almost a year!

But once she stopped feeding them, she decided to have nothing to do with them.
She stayed away most of the time, and would growl at her kids when they came close.
When we moved, Blackie obviously was happiest staying where she was, but will never become pregnant again!

Larry was another stray

He loved playing on the stairs.
He scared us to death one day....
We usually leave doors wide open here,
and had screens that our cats could go in and out through...
One night he snuck into our house and we heard a big scream from a cat....
We ran in and found a big puddle of blood!
We found all of our cats and they were fine.... so we looked for Larry.....
We finally found Larry, whom looked fine but we immediately took him to a vet,
who said he had a bladder infection, so we got meds for him .
Larry needed help and decided a good way to get it would be to tell us...
which he did...

He looked a lot like Steve.
But he liked to pick on Munchie Boy all the time,
sending us into the woods to pluck Munchie Boy from the tree tops,
even after he was fixed... so when we moved, he stayed with another family in that area...
There was one other stray around for a few days... an orange guy, very shy, but he must have sick cause I found him
sleeping forever more in our yard one day........ and buried him under some bushes...

About a year after the Munchies were born, somebody let four kittens loose in a busy parking lot.
No way could we let them stay there, so we brought them home with the intention of finding them homes.
Well, we actually did try, but we couldn't find anyone.... so
we added Shaggie, Blackfoot, Bug, and Guido to our permanent family.

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