ALL animals deserve a happy life!

Not just the friendly, cute and cuddly ones that live in our homes, but All animals should be treated humanely and allowed to live out there life, without persecution...

a few of the cats we have been helping on Maui

Its not if you like cats or dogs more, or birds or whales...
It's about NOT likeing cruelty, that it's NOT ok to turn your back to suffering...
It's taking care of those that can't fend for themselves. Those looking for help... feeding the hungry.... Helping the helpless...
If there's an ethical option then take it. Don't turn your back on those in need. Don't hand it off to someone else... Take responsibility for whats around you...
live an ethical, compassionate life.

All animals should have the right to live out their lives for their own sake.

All animals should have access to food, water, shelter, rest, and even fun. To be a true "humane society" we need to take care of all those around us. We all need to take responsibility. Stop looking the other way, ignoring the deaths at the local shelter, or just hoping someone else helps that poor dog down the street, or the skinny cat by the office...

Save An animal is focusing on "unwanted" cats on Maui.

We love, and are doing what we can to help, ALL animals, but on Maui it is cats that need the most help. We currently sponsor two colonies and run a sanctuary for cats that in most cases were to have been killed, just because they were born in the "wrong" place, or abandoned, or just not "perfect" or "adoptable". We have taken care of over 200 cats since 2002 and want to educate all about helping animals as much as possible..

We ALL can do more to help more animals.

Please help us help the cats on Maui and help all animals everywhere!

For more information about what we are doing, and how YOU can help animals everywhere, please click below.

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Save An Animal

SAA is a 501 c3 organization. Primarily sponsored by Bio-Beetle ECO Rental Cars on Maui.

For more information about what we are doing, and over 75 ways for you to help, please click below.

PLEASE, Save An Animal.

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