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Helping people help more animals

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Who is Save An Animal

Save an Animal is a 501 c3 non profit organization.

We are based on Maui Hawaii but with your help, helping animals all over!

Our Vision is to see a world where no animals suffer by a humans intent or ignorance.

Where healthy and/or treatable animals aren't killed at our local shelters.... Where all animals can live a full life for their own reason.

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Our mission is to help as many animals as possible, getting more people involved, wherever they are.

AND by helping as many community cats as possible, with our sanctuary on Maui, TNR and education.

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We formed SAA for two reasons, FIRST, because we have been working for years, helping hundreds of community cats, out of our own pockets, yet we are limited to how many we can actually help, while there are so many more that need help... We want to do more, but we need help too.

SECOND because, we have learned, over the years, that although most people have good hearts, most are completely oblivious to what goes on around them, even to the animals they say they care about. We believe that if people are made aware of what happens to animals in most shelters, or behind the scenes, and how easy it is to help more animals, that they would.

PLEASE, help Save An Animal.

EARLY HISTORY, how it started....

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